Friday, June 02, 2006


The weird and sad tale of a grandmother who, allegedly, tried to protect her son by attempting to hire a hitman to take out her daughter-in-law and her kids.

The son was up on sexual molestation charges, and his wife and children were lined up to testify against him.

The mother located a hitman, somehow, went to meet him, allegedly offered $100,000 and was busted when the hitman turned out to be an undercover cop.

After an investigation, authorities said the couple's son, Jason Jackson, 31, concocted the alleged murder-for-hire plan from jail and asked his parents to seal the deal

Tuesday night.The daughter-in-law, Karen Jackson, was shocked to hear about the plan to kill her, her children and pet dog....

"I never saw this coming," Jackson said. "I loved (him) with all my heart. (He) was good to me and good to the kids. (He) was a nice guy, everybody's friend. (He was) like a Ted Bundy charmer. He has to be a psychopath."

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