Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How Does A Whale Say It's Sorry?

Man Gets "Good Vibes" Off Whale That Smashed Up His Boat

A man is out on the water in his new catamaran. He ducks beneath deck for a nap (?) and when he wakes up his catamaran has been smashed the tail of a massive whale. It gets weirder :
(Mr Wright) rushed up on deck to find himself staring at a whale's head about a foot away.

"I got good vibes off him. I thought he was trying to say sorry mate, I didn't mean to,"

"When I first saw him I thought he had come back for the coup de grace..."
The whale nicked off after giving him the "sorry mate" vibe. Mr Wright was picked up by a rescue helicopter five hours later.

Clearly if the whale was sorry, he would have given Mr Wright a ride back in to shore.

What exactly is he going to write down on his insurance claim?

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