Monday, February 19, 2007

Crowds Flock To See 'The Jesus Tree'

The likeness of Jesus has shown up on walls, in clouds, in sandwiches, and most infamously, in a taco.

But lots of people believe they can see Jesus in trees. Not only in the knotted texture of bark, but sometimes, as above, in the main trunk and limbs of the tree itself.

I went Googling after reading about the latest 'Jesus Tree', and a lot of the ones I found...well, let's say you needed plenty of faith to find any likeness of Jesus at all.

But viewing the above photo, the Crucifixion image leaped out at me straight away. As it has done for literally thousands of people in and around San Antonio, Texas, since the story hit the local and then state news on February 12 to 14.

Apparently most of those who've visited the pruned tree in Crystal City, Texas, see the visage right away. But some still can't make it out.

Regardless, the 'Jesus Tree' has quickly become a place of pilgrimage.

People are lighting and leaving candles, handwritten messages, photos, they kneel and pray in front of the tree, and everyone takes a photo.

From Express News :

...the image of Jesus was first spotted in the gnarled limbs by Betty Jo Hernandez.

Hernandez, 31, took a photo of the tree and shared it with co-workers at an elementary school where she works. Many agreed they could see the image of Jesus on the cross, and from there, it spread across town and beyond...

Hundreds have since visited the site, leaving behind mementos and flowers, mostly roses. A row of candles sits on the ground.

...the faithful continued to come, sometimes in droves, lining the short residential street with vehicles.

"It's weird, right? It has been here forever and not until now has someone seen it."

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