Saturday, April 21, 2007

Let It Snow, China, Whenever You Like

That the weather can be controlled, to some degree, seems to remain in the realm of fantasy for most people. But it is an actuality. Russia and China, in particular, have had some great successes over the decades, forcing rain clouds to open up and 'influencing' wind cycles to blow pollution and smoke away from cities.

You just don't hear about it much.

What the United States is doing in the realm of weather control is pretty well top secret, although there have been some very interesting patents filed for control systems related to weather.

During the Hurricane Katrina horrors, a little bit of talk drifted out about "research" that had been going on for years that might lead to a day when even a monster hurricane like Katrina could be broken up, lessened or even dispersed.

But China is now proudly showing off its weather control abilities, boasting that it will skies of rain and (some) pollution during key events during the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Chinese have just given a very public demonstration of something few outside of China even knew they could now do. Make snow fall.

Incredible stuff :

China claimed yesterday to have caused a snowfall for the first time as part of its increasingly ambitious attempts to control the weather.

Officials in the meteorological bureau in Tibet said they had used "rain-seeding" techniques to trigger a snowfall over the city of Nagqu last week.

"This proves it's possible for humans to change the weather on the world's highest plateau," said Yu Zhongshui. The bureau said it had produced just under half an inch of snow at a height of 15,000ft.

Mr Yu said the experiment was conducted in the hope it would lead to alleviating drought on the northern Tibetan plateau, whose grasslands are turning brown as global warming melts and drains its permafrost.

The government also hopes that the project will benefit the great river systems of China. The Yellow, Yangtse, Salween, Mekong and Brahmaputra rivers all rise in Tibet, and the effects of damming and over-extraction for agriculture are beginning to threaten water supplies to major cities.

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