Monday, May 07, 2007

The Spider That Eats Chickens...And Keeps A Frog As A Pet

Look at a dinner plate. Now imagine a spider that big. Now imagine a spider that big that stalks and eats chickens.

Now meet Martin Nichols. He's a spider expert, he traveled to South America's Amazon to hunt down the fabled 'chicken eating spider'. He found it, and he learned some extraodinary things :
"Seeing the big mama tarantula with the young was remarkable. Most tarantulas are in no way gregarious. In fact, they often cannibalize their own young. So seeing that was very unusual. But it may make sense. It looks like when they go out at night as a group, they can catch and kill larger prey by working together.

"We also discovered that those spiders appeared to be keeping a pet. There was a little frog that lived down in the hole with the spiders. It may offer some sort of service to spiders, like sweeping up ants that might bother the spiders."
A spider almost more than ten inches in diameter that eats chickens and keeps a frog as a pet.

Reality is always far more creative than fiction.

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