Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"The Pornography Of Cruelty" - Cannibal's Home Video Of Slaughter Feast Makes Judge Vomit

You don't need to see the home video shot by 'the Cannibal of Rotenburg' as he encourages his willing victim to mutilate himself. Just reading about it is bad enough.

The video has been described as the "bite-by-bite chronicle of how he amputated, cooked, ate and froze the limbs and organs of a software engineer."

And it gets much much worse. The pathologist, Professor Risse, who examined the remains of the willing victim, describes what he saw in a new book and interviews :

“There was the foot, for example. Meiwes had placed it on a plate, stuck it with a knife and a fork, poured sauce over it and photographed it with the intention of putting the picture on the internet. Then there was the skull, bones, chunks of skeleton and soft organs as well as about 30 sealed packets of meat waiting to be eaten. Other inscriptions were like those you find in a supermarket, you know – mincemeat with sauce.”

It was the home movie that disturbed Professor Risse the most. “A shiver went down my spine, my palms were moist,” he said. “I have been doing this job 20 years, have carried out 5,000 autopsies, seen maybe 30,000 corpses but the cannibal’s film was the most repulsive experience.”

The film was so shocking that one of the judges vomited after she saw it in a closed showing, while the jury was shown only 19 minutes. In one sequence Brandes urges Meiwes to cut off his penis so that they can fry it. At one point, while bleeding heavily, he jokes: “If I’m still alive in the morning, we can eat my balls for breakfast.”

The film shows Brandes on the butcher’s table. It was the pathologist’s task to determine whether he was still alive then. “A decisive question in the trial was whether the victim was still alive when Meiwes applied the final slash to his throat. He was. His heart must have been beating because blood started to bubble strongly out of his throat.”

He added: “The extraordinary thing about this film is that . . . one can follow the suffering and death of the victim step by step. You can see directly how Mr Brandes is responding to the pain of his destruction, you can see when he loses consciousness and how long he clings on to life.”

You couldn't make up something so horrific.

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i think the story is kinda sad......i mean i dont think it was was wat they both wanted...