Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beastly And Beaky

BoingBoing has a good discussion
on what the hell this creature washed up on a beach actually is. Equal votes for escaped experimental mutant and excellent Photoshopping exercise.

Did whatever-this-is really die giving the finger?


Anonymous said...

That is neither a photoshop nor a mutant, it is a dead raccoon with missing fur and a lacking snout. There is no beak, that´s the bare bone of the upper jaw. There are a lot of other photos of this carcass which show this clearly. You can see on them even the sockets of the missing teeth.

Luc Bowie said...

No - it's a turtle that's come away from its shell - notice the smooth torso compared to the neck, head and limbs. Notice the beak - notice the almost skeletal front flippers.

100% - no 'kin doubt.


Luc Bowie said...

Actually I am wrong - it has a long tail...