Monday, July 19, 2010

In New Zealand, you can now buy robotic legs that will help paraplegics to walk again. Cost? About $150,000 :

From Discovery News :

Two New Zealand inventors have produced what they claim are the world's first robotic legs to help paraplegics walk again.

The bionic legs were road-tested publicly for the first time Thursday by 23-year-old Hayden Allen who was told five years ago he would never walk again after being paralyzed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident.

Allen said the experience of being able to stand up and walk when strapped into his robotic legs was fantastic and he felt like a normal human being again.

The Full Story Is Here


cool person said...

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blake said...

Hey man, just found your blog and read the majority of it. You should start doing it again. I loved it. Can't read enough about weird stuff. Your early posts seemed a tad anti-American, which stung :) But I didn't like Bush either. Let me know if you have another blog somewhere.