Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't They Mean Humans Exhibit Ape-Like Behaviour?

How strange it is that apes can show "human-like behaviour" when they were running around this planet for millions of years before humans came along. Maybe they taught us to use tools...

Do apes have access to genetic memories of previous generations? Did these torture lab apes know the sun existed for the 3 decades they were held against their will? They can scarcely believe what they are seeing, but they're not afraid. They're delighted, and laughing. It's like they're hugging each other saying, "We made it! We're finally free!"

We were told for most of the 20th century that apes were not like humans, they had no sense of self. The arrogance in believing that we were alone of all the animals in knowing what we are is beyond belief and seems an incredibly primitive way for such a supposedly advanced species to think :

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