Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Plenty Of Signs Of Life In China's "Ghost Cities"

One of the many remarkable public parks under construction in China's "Ghost Cities"
By Darryl Mason
Western media loves to do stories on what they call China's "Ghost Cities." What they are referring to is the brand new cities springing up across China to deal with the planned shift of more than 400 million Chinese from rural living to city living over the next two decades.

Obviously you need to build cities for all these people to move into, and they're not going to fill up overnight (what city ever has?).

But just how empty are these so-called "Ghost Cities"? Well, when you take a close look at satellite images that often accompany western smirking at China's pre-planning, they're not so empty after all, and they're often teeming with signs of life, and massive construction projects. Even traffic jams.

SBS Dateline has now done two interesting stories on China's "Chost Cities" in two years, collectively clocking up millions of online views. But do they tell the full story of what's going on in these cities, still under construction?

Here's a selection of screengrabs from Googe Earth views of the cities of Tianducheng, Dongguan and Ordos, so famous now as a "Ghost City" it is pulling in tourists.



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