Friday, February 10, 2006


During a troubling, confusing speech to 250 members of the U.S. National Guard today, President Bush claimed that a major terrorist plot in 2002 to hijack and crash an airliner into "Liberty Tower" in Los Angeles had been foiled.

Great. Fantastic. Well done.

Except there is no "Liberty Tower" in Los Angeles.

There's a Liberty Tower in NYC, there's a Liberty Tower in Japan, there's one in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, there are Liberty Towers in major cities all over the world, dozens of cities, but not LA.

Liberty Tower was also the name used for proposed buildings in Las Vegas the the redeveloped site of the World Trade Centre.

President G.W. "I mean what I say" Bush apparently meant to say "Library Tower". Who the frig writes this guy's speeches? How do mistakes that major keep slipping right on through? Remarkably, instead of pointing out how completely shit the White House research and speech subbing is, the mainstream media keep going out of their way to gently correct the President when he gets his facts totally and utterly wrong.

Like Fox News. They carried a live feed of the speech and within seconds of it ending, they were right there to help correct the ready-to-retire President's mistakes.

It's not Liberty Tower, old timer, it's Li-bra-ry Tow-er.

But even that's not right.

The building under discussion is officially called the 'US Bank Tower' building and has been for years.

'Library Tower' is a localism for the 75 storey bohemeth, built to withstand the mother, or great aunt, of all earthquakes.

Only the ultra-brave Los Angeleneans would build one of the US's tallest buildings in an active earthquake zone. The US Bank Tower was designed to stand a shaker of around 8.3.

'Library Tower' might look familiar. It was blown apart by the invading aliens in the 1996 film, 'Independence Day', directed by Roland Emmerich.

It was also the first building destroyed by monster tornadoes in the 2004 enviro-horror film 'The Day After Tomorrow', directed by....wait a sec...Roland Emmerich (?).

Has this guy got some sort of problem with Library Tower? First he destroys it in a movie in 1996, then terrorists line it up in the their sites for a reality-world pasting in 2002, which failed, and then Emmerich is back to take down the tower yet again for another movie in 2004.

The 'War On Terror' looks like it's really taking a toll on GW. During today's speech he appeeared confused, old and downright bored. Like his heart is just not in it anymore.

Even with Iran on the verge of copping a US-Israel nuclear pasting for even thinking about daring to stop selling Iranian oil in US dollars - they're going to start selling Petro-Euros on March 20, thereby dooming the greenback to veritable junk status - Bush just can't seem to get the old fire and brimestone smoking, even when he's in a vendetta kind of mood.

Maybe it's because he's already made it very clear he can't wait to retire at the end of 2008.

President GW Bush, ready to retire.

As the pre-eminent American Baby Boomer, Bush has been giving speeches for more than two years where he terrorises today's young by telling them there's a whole bunch of oldies like him who expect the youth to work even harder, for even less money, so they can all kick back and suck up the golden years.

And they are legion.

"A generation of baby boomers is getting ready to retire," Bush said. "I happen to be one of them. Baby boomers will be living longer and collecting benefits over longer retirements than previous generations. By the time all the baby boomers have retired, there will be more than 72 million retirees....In other words, there's a lot of us getting ready to retire who will be living longer and receiving greater benefits than the previous generation."

There's a big difference with Bush, though. He wants to retire at 62, but most Baby boomers will be lucky to even think about retiring at 75, particularly now there are millions of Americans who worked hard all their lives, just like they were told to do, and are now discovering the pension plans they contributed to for decades have been sucked up corporate vampires in a two decade long orgy of foul corruption and odious mismanagement.

What Bush meant to say was, "There are a lot of us who WERE getting ready to retire..." but now won't be, of course, because if they don't work themselves to death they will starve to death on the streets of America.

Of course, that doesn't apply to Bush.

Blind drunk and locked into party mode until his early 40s, Bush figures he's done 20 years of 'hard' work and so he's ready now for all the benefits he's entitled to.

After all, he did launch a couple of expensive wars, he transferred about a trillion US dollars from education, health care and the poor into the guns-n'-bombs industry, and he also helped pave the way for the slaughter of a few hundred thousand Arab kids.

Isn't all that enough hard graft for the grandson of an American senator and elite Nazi banker, who helped secure Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s, naturally?

Surely, at the very least, he's earned some time in the sun to write his memoirs before his mind and memory completely succumb to the mental decreptitude brought on by two decades of hard drinking.

Page One, Chapter One, first sentence : "My name is George W. Bush....People call me W."

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