Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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It looks like a hovering car, so does that mean it is a hovering car? Australians want to know. This is a Google Earth image of an industrial estate in a small town outside of Perth, Western Australia.

Trick of the light, distorted shadow, a sheet of black plastic on the ground near the car...a few of the explanations kicking around as to what the heck is going on here. But could it be the test flights for a flying vehicle prototype?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. But had it been just this one image, on this particular afternoon, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Google Earth has toosed up some incredible anomalies so far, and on the scale of the 'floating islands' of Bermuda, this pic isn't really that bizarre.

But it's not the first 'flying car' image from this part of Perth.

This below image is a Google Earth snapshot from the same town taken in early January. :

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A reader from one website discussing this weird photo visited the carpark, and reported there was nothing on the ground where the pic was taken, as in a bustop, or something else that might explain the weird appearance of space betwen the vehicle and the shadow it cast on the ground.

Prototypes of flying cars have already been tested in the US and Europe, but they seem to be another high-tech development that is taking many, many years to reach the commercial marketplace.

If you've built a flying car, you have to take it out and test it. Is this what we've witnessed in the images above? The mystery, for now, remains unsolved.

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