Sunday, March 26, 2006


For some reason probably best not worth understand, the British Post Office has conducted a survey that has revealed millions of Brits like to make and receive phone calls whilst completely nude.

Apparently, 40 per cent of men admitted to being starkers when they chatted on the phone, with the figure plunging to only (?) 27 per cent of women choosing to do the same.

The same survey revealed that one in ten Brits said they often put the phone down and went off to do something more worthwhile while the person on the other end continued talking to nobody at all. Considering the number of phone calls made in England every year, that is tens of millions of one way phone conversations.

We're just taking a shot into the wild blue here, but could some of these dead air phone calls possibly be between nattering grandmas and their easily distracted grandchildren?

Most definitely.

Just try not to think about who is nude while these phone calls are taking place.

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