Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The symmetry of this two faced kitten looks so perfect I thought it was photo-shopped. But it's real enough, and it's healthy, and it's nursing along with the rest of its normal-enough litter.

There seems to be a growing number of mutant animals popping up all over the world, and while we've covered the five legged dog and the four-footed duck below, there have been many others we passed on.

Maybe it has more to do with the widespread use of video and phone cameras. Same number of mutant animals being born, more cameras to catch them before they die, or are put down, and a worldwide circulation system for blogs like us to find them and post them onwards.

Here's the news story that went with the pic :
A kitten has been born with two faces and veterinarians don't understand why.

The kitten was born Wednesday morning in Ohio. It has two mouths that meow in unison, two noses and four eyes that have not opened yet.

The little boy who owns the cat said he hasn't decided on a name for the kitten yet, but said he wants to name it Tiger.

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