Sunday, September 10, 2006


A 70 year old German-language book that detailed the life and times of Adolf Hitler as a young man has been translated into English and published, revealing a wealth of curious information long forgotten, or ignored, by many English-language biographers of the World War 2-era Nazi leader.

Among the more bizarre claims is that a teenage Adolf Hitler had an obsessive love for a Jewish girl, Stefanie. A girl he never plucked up the courage to actually speak to. None the less, Hitler had once planned on kidnapping her, and also taking her life along with his own in a suicide pact (a fantasy he would live out with wife Eva Braun).

From the Daily Mail :

Hitler would compare opera singers whom he admired to Stefanie, and he ‘took it for granted’ that she had the necessary voice and musical talent to be a great opera singer herself: "Her Valkyrie-like appearance never failed to attract him and fire him with unbounded enthusiasm."

This enthusiasm took the form of writing ‘countless love poems’ to Stefanie, with titles such as Hymn To The Beloved.

Perhaps it is fortunate they no longer exist, as Kubizek recalls Hitler reciting one to him in which "Stefanie, a high-born damsel, in a dark blue, flowing velvet gown, rode on a white steed over the flowering meadows, her loose hair falling in golden waves on her shoulders; a clear blue sky was above; everything was pure, radiant joy."

Kubizek remembered ‘Adolf’s face glowing with fervent ecstasy’ as he recited these verses. Yet in all the four years he worshipped Stefanie, Hitler never once plucked up the courage actually to exchange a single word with her. He insisted that once he met her, no words would be needed.

"For such extraordinary human beings as himself and Stefanie," he told Kubizek, "there was no need for the usual communication by word of mouth: extraordinary human beings would understand each other by intuition." Moreover, Hitler convinced himself not only that Stefanie knew what his views and ideas were, but also that she shared them enthusiastically. Such was the power of his crush on this unwitting girl that he even believed her capable of telepathy.

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