Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How To Fight Global Warming?


So chemtrails, those big white fluffy lines left by aircraft across clear blue skies that slowly spread and form clouds, are just wacko-paranoid-loopy-nutso conspiracy theory delusions, right?

Well, maybe. But not for long.

Soon, at least in the United States, chemtrails are likely to be used to create clouds and chemical barriers to reflect back sunlight, supposedly to dampen the effects of global warming.

A fairly comprehensive and (occasionally) balanced report from a Californian NBC news channel in the US prepares the masses for their perpetually cloudy-sky new reality :

If Chemtrails Are BS, Why Are They Mentioned, Along With 'GeoEngineering' In American School Textbooks?

Does The Existence Of Chemtrails Prove That Global Warming Is A Galactic Phenomena?

The Weather Modification Act Of 2005 And The 'Struck Out' Version

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