Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bizarre Bird Carcass Found In Iran

Locals in northwestern Iran claim the above bird lived in a local cave. A skull like that of a reptile, canine teeth, small wings usually found only on flightless birds. What is it? Nobody knows yet :
The locals found the feathered bipedal creature, which seemed to have died a few days ago, near a remote village of Meshginshahr, IRNA reported on Sunday.

The avifauna of Iran includes a total of 527 species, none of which are similar to the found creature; however, the discovery needs ornithologists to verify the claims.

Scientists believe that fossil evidence demonstrates birds and dinosaurs shared many features such as hollow bones, gastrolith in the digestive system, nest-building and brooding behaviors.

Did a time portal from the age of the dinosaurs open up there recently? Or is it another long thought extinct bird?

Locals are claimed to be hiding the carcass, but hopefully this won't be the last we hear about this creature.

Presumably there'll be enough undamaged genetic material to work out exactly what it is. Then it can be cloned, and sold to zoos around the world.

Imagine one of those harrassing you on a beach for a hot chip? Here! Take them! Take them all!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap its a real life Greasel!!

I thought they only existed in video games.

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks as if a raccoon skull, or the skull of something similar, was placed onto the body of a small bird, perhaps a chicken.