Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Never Wanted To See Darth Vader Do That

By Darryl Mason

Before you watch this, remember you cannot unwatch it, for now at least there is no way to burn the memory of seeing this from your brain. You can still look away. It's not too late :

Surely George Lucas only allowed this so there is something much worse out there than the Star Wars Holiday Special (see below)?

I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this authorised Star Wars Disney show of so little imagination actually exists, or the riot of absolute disgust Dance Off With The Star Wars Stars has provoked amongst 40-something males who truly believe the original Star Wars movie was the most important event of their childhoods and George Lucas doing anything to stain its memory is like the Pope vomiting on the Bible, over and over again. An attitude best summed up by this YouTube comment :
George Lucas killed my dreams with the prequels, this digs them up out of their graves to defecate on them with a continual stream of piping hot effluent.
I think George Lucas may actually now be trolling the most hardcore of Star Wars fans. If so, Dance Off With The Star Wars Stars is most definitely working.

Anyway, I don't know what Star Wars geeks are complaining about. It's not like George Lucas has only been taking Stars Wars and turning it into spin-off crap for the past decade. He was doing it within a year of the original film's release :

The Star Wars and Disney association that led to that stage show did, however, produce a great piece of poster art :

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