Sunday, August 19, 2007

British Crop Circles Increase In Complexity, And Beauty

Frankly, I no longer care whether it's aliens, time travelers, mini-cyclones, hoaxers or anonymous public artists who are responsible for the crop circles that appear with increasingly regularity in grain fields in the Britain.

It's time to stop arguing about who or what makes crop circles and time to start appreciating the magnificent beauty of their art.

There's a whole heap of crop circle images to be found here. It's up to you whether or not you want to believe the explanations offered.

But I do wonder why, if crop circles are created by hoaxers trying to trick gullible alien visitor believers, why they don't post videos of their creations as they are being made on YouTube. Yes, there are some 'Here's how it's done' videos of crop circle creation on YouTube, but only for the most basic designs.

If you had the talent to pull off the creation of a design like the one above, wouldn't you want to claim credit for it? Even if under a fake name or avatar?

Crop Circle Connector

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