Friday, August 24, 2007

Russians Shooting It Out With Aliens...Or Not

We enjoy a good UFO-alien yarn, and this is one of the more creative. Particularly like the extensive use of code words and the glossary of terms in the 'official' report to give it the appearance of some kind of credibility.

You don't have to believe it, to have some fun reading it :

A UFO and alien occupants were shot at by Russian special military forces in a confrontation northwest of Ceremchova ICBM site 62 (Saskylach-Kovo)on the 12th January 1985, according to a remarkable report leaked from one of the USG 'Deep Insiders' known as 'Request Anonymous'.

This ground-breaking disclosure - codeworde: 'SEVEN PRINCE - SUMMARY OF INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES / REPORT OF CONTACT - STATION: RA-49 - SOURCE: CAC-049-0031' - was put into the public domain on 21st August 2007, apparently as part of an ongoing multi-billion dollar operation initiating full public (until now exempt from) disclosure of Extraterrestrial contact during the last 50+ years.

Recently, we had the disclosures coming from ex-Area 51 Special Ops staff who were involved in the shooting of an Alien 'guest' at Area 51 - which culminated in the death of one security gate guard. The incident has become known as the 'Gate 3 Incident'.

These seemingly incredible disclosures fit into the pattern of 'nods' and 'whispers' taking place from the elder statesmen of the intelligence community. This group has become known by those researching these disclosures as the 'DIA 6'. It has been suggested that an 'Official' sanctioned disclosure is being heralded by this vanguard of 'old timers' (DIA 6) - who are perhaps being cut some 'slack' from the 'Handlers' in order to allow these ex-soldiers and 'spooks' a Requiem of sorts - an acknowledgement that such Dark Secrets do not go the grave and in recognition of their brave services in a unique period of human history.

From the alleged investigation report :

Soviet military personnel challenged the occupants to stop. Three (3) of the four (4) occupants stopped. The fourth occupant continued to advance towards the fence. One Soviet Military Security official fired several rounds from an AK-47a rifle, hitting the occupant. The occupant fell to the ground.

The three (3) other occupants advanced towards the injured occupant and retrieved the body. The four (4) returned to the craft. Approximately 2 minutes later, an opening appeared on the side of the craft.

A BLUISH-GREEN BEAM OF LIGHT came out of the craft and struck an unoccupied jeep, COMPLETELY VAPORIZING IT. As the author of the report being read by CAC stated, the JEEP JUST DISAPPEARED.

An armored vehicle moved up towards the craft and fired a volley of 12.7mm rounds at the craft. The craft was struck near the undercarriage.

Damn aliens with their jeep-vaporizing light beams.

Read The Claimed Report On The Alien Vs Russians Shootout Here

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