Friday, August 17, 2007

Weird, Wacky Laws

Pass Me Your Helmet Mr Policeman, I'm Pregnant And I Need To Pee

It's a toss up whether the United States of the United Kingdom has the most bizarre, and centuries old, array of weird and wacky laws still on the books.

Then again, France has some pretty strange laws as well. For instance, did you know that in France it is illegal to name your pet pig 'Napoleon'?

Here's some of our favourites :
In the UK, it's still an act of treason to adhere a stamp bearing the monarch's head to an envelope upside down.

In Ohio, you can't get a fish drunk without breaking the law.

In the City of London, you can't transport corpses or rabid dogs in a cab.

If you're pregnant and you happen to in the UK when the urge to pee becomes overwhelming, and there's not a toilet to be seen, you are legally allowed to relieve yourself anywhere you please. Even, if one happens to be around, inside a policeman's hat.

You can still be decapitated for masturbating in Indonesia. Better make it a good one.

In the United Kingdom, resident males over 14 are required by law to practice their longbow shooting two hours every day.

Unmarried women who parachute on Sundays can be arrested, in Florida.

If you're inside the old city walls of York, in the UK, and you don't like the look of a Scotsman, and he happens to be carrying a bow and arrow, feel free to murder him. It's perfectly legal.

Plenty more weird, wacky laws here.

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