Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And you thought carrots didn't really scream when they're pulled violently from the ground.

An Australian gardener and a chemistry professor said, after reviewing ten years of research, plants are not that far removed from humans in their behaviour and they are somewhat sentient beings, meaning they can assess the environment around them and make a calculated guess as to the best plan of action.

They say plants can communicate with each other by using a range of chemical signals.

"If a plant muncher such as a caterpillar or even a koala starts chewing on a plant, the plant will start sending chemicals to its leaves in an effort to repel the chewer," Mr Burke said.

"Nearby plants will also start emitting these same chemicals, anticipating that they'll also be attacked.

"So essentially they call in the cavalry, they call in good insects to attack the ones that are attacking them," he said.

A stunning, yet extremely weird, series of research papers have been flowing over the past few years revealing vegetarians may be killers of intelligent life, just like meat eaters.

If a slaughterhouse is a foul and cruel method of death for cows and horses, then what would intelligent plant life make of lawnmowers, harvesters and all those other shiny metal, multi-bladed devices of death that are used to tear our leafy green friends from the warm earth?

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