Wednesday, January 18, 2006


These US robot planes have no pilots and can fly above 40,000 feet, armed with Hellfire missiles, GPS and thermal imaging to lock onto the heat of your body.

Finally, the dreams of Donald Rumsfeld, and other Dark Sith Lords, are coming true. Now the Rummy-robots are getting in on War On Terror action.

18 men, women and children were killed last week when four robot planes flew into Pakistan from Afghanistan and launched ten Hellfire missiles at a cluster of houses close to the border.

Prime Al Qaeda targets in the War On Terror were supposed to be inside. Instead it was a couple of families eating a meal.

It's the largest casualties dealt out by the Terror War robots so far.

The US State Department and Pentagon say they didn't have anything to do with it. And maybe they're not lying, they're just not being straight. Do they have to say "we did it" when a robot actually did it?

It should only be science fiction, but it's not. Robots are now scoring major-league confirmed kills, bringing to life Rumsfeld's vision of a world where mega-armed robot planes roam this planet's skies, with the ability to kill by missile, laser or beam energy weapon.

These killbots will be linked with other killbots on the ground, be they on wheels, running upright or flying in swarms, who will rush to the ruins of an aerial strike and machine gun, burn or microwave the survivors.

That's one of his plans, anyway.

There's a lot of science fiction writers, like Philip K Dick, rolling all around their graves as they realise their stories didn't stop the dark futures they dreamed, they simply gave military workers far too many ideas in the first place.

There's killer robots galore in this look at the 50 Greatest Robots Ever, the real ones and the ones from the movies.

This is a piece from Science Daily in 2001. Dances With Robots details some of the plans the US Army was working on to militarise robots.

This is a piece from about portable weapons platforms. Robots with guns.

These are some of the robots that have already served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan:

This one has machine guns.

This is a remotely operated gun-heavy dune buggy

This is Talon. A camera, a gun, robot death.

Machine guns, missile and grenade launchers, kill bots roll into Iraq War

The headline can be true, 'Robots Fight Terror War', they've been deployed in Iraq since day one. Now they're walking, running, flying, swimming. They can carry burn holes through buildings with lasers, they can give humans the ex0skeletal strength of supermen. They can be used for torture, they can sew up wounds and they crawl the backstreets of Fallujah and broadcast the sounds of screaming children at ear-piercing volume and project holographic images of nightmare-world ghosts and demons through living room windows and down dark streets.

The robots don't get paid, they don't have medical problems, just mechanical ones, they don't have wives and families back home, they will never complain about conditions, they will never cave in to guilt or survival instinct and refuse to do a dangerous mission, they will never cheat you, or hate you, or try and cut your throat, they will not be around in decades to come to complain and sue about a life and body destroyed by the war.

Armed robots now patrol the skies of our planet, and they can find you by your cell phone. You wouldn't even know it was coming.

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