Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dog 'Adopts' Orphaned Squirrel

I've come across literally hundreds of stories over the years of orphaned or abandoned 'baby' animals being adopted and raised by adults of another species. For all the violence and cruelty of the natural world, there are also many wonderfully 'humane' and kind examples of empathy and compassion.

But this story is something special. A baby squirrel has been adopted by a Maltese terrier named Pitty Pat in Arkansas.

The orphaned squirrel was found by the Wootton family, who fed the squirrel with a bottle for a few days. They left the squirrel alone in a room with the mother dog and her puppies. The next thing they knew Pitty Pat was nursing the squirrel :

....the squirrel has settled in, just like one of Pitty Pat's puppies.

....there's even some sibling rivalry.

The family said they're thinking about what to name the little squirrel, and hope to one day release it back into the wild.

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