Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's A Rock....With Hair

And It's Worth A Million Dollars

Is it April 1 already? This has got to be fake. In the few minutes I've devoted to trying to verify this story, or the claim that rocks can grow hair, I've found nothing to back up what you see in the photo or can read in the story below.

We'll file this one in : No F..king Way! for now.

From the Epoch Times :
An unusual rock went on display in Beijing. This rock has "hair," almost identical to human hair, growing out of its "head."

The rock is iron gray in color, naturally smooth and rounded, and is similar to a cobblestone.

There is also a very thin layer of scalp tissue connecting the "hair" to the rock. The hair is grey in color and similar to the color of the rock itself. The hair grows quite naturally from the top with the longest strands being about 15 centimeters (6 inches) long. The hair is slightly coarser than human hair.

Only two other hair-growing rocks have been reported in the world; and both are in a Taiwan Museum.

The value of the rock is estimated to be around 10 million Yuan (approximately USD 1.3 million)
Maybe the fact that the 'Rock With Hair' is on display at a Fashion Cafe in Beiijing gives the game away.

Or maybe not.

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