Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Followers Of 'Jesus 2' Get Mark Of The Beast To Show Their Devotion

He claims to be both the Second Coming of Jesus and the Anti-Christ.


Not as confused as some of his followers are. They are lining up to get 666 tattoos to show both their devotion, and faith in the man they believe is the new Messiah :
A few weeks ago, in a tattoo parlor in the hip art deco district of Miami Beach, people were lining up to get "666" tattooed on their bodies, and then smiling through their pain. But these are not devil worshipers. They see themselves as devout followers of Jesus Christ.

But the major difference that separates them from other Christians around the world is that the Jesus Christ they worship is alive and well -- and living in the suburbs of Houston.

These people belong to a new movement devoted to a man who calls himself the Second Coming of Jesus, and also claims the title of Antichrist, which to him is the next incarnation of Jesus on earth, not an evil being.

One follower said, "I just want to make sure (the 666 tattoo is) visible, that everyone knows my life belongs to the man."

Another said, "I want everyone to know I'm one of the antichrists."

The man they follow makes life easy for his true believers. He doesn't see much as being sinful, is big on the entertainment and fun side of being a good Christian and doesn't mind a glass of fine scotch :
"Jesus drank wine because he didn't have Dewar's."
If his ministry ever loses its popularity, he could always go into writing advertising copy.

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