Sunday, April 09, 2006


Thanks to the extraordinary amounts of money that can be earned from running weblogs visited by thousands of people a day, I recently decided to spend a few weekends renovating my bedroom and my bathroom with a kind of Persian-inspired Super-Bling theme going on.

So tell me this. Do you think it's all a bit too much? Did I go overboard?

Be honest. Is it all just a little bit tacky or a touch too much?

Okay, this is not my bedroom or my bathroom and I'm not much of a renovator at all. Unless taking out the garbage is renovating the kitchen from rubbish.

These two extraordinary images of extremist wealth are from the rooms at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. And even though some of the rooms can cost more than $US15,000 a night, you do get a free breakfast and, get this, free newspapers!

Wow! Now that's luxury!

Go here to take a look around for yourself.

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