Friday, April 21, 2006


A US publishing company, specialising in graphic novels, is set to unroll a stream of non-fiction GNs over the next two years, including biographies of Malcolm X and Ronald Reagan.

But it's the adaptation of 'The 911 Commission Report' which is attracting most of the attention.

The 150 page GN, to be published in September, has been drawn in a "classic American comics style" and all the information found therein is claimed to be drawn directly from the 9/11 Commission's final report.

The writers and artists promise to "visually walk you through the FAA and the Department of Defense. It will show who is talking to who; offer a time line of the attacks; information on Islamic fundamentalism; the transition from the Clinton administration to Bush. Everything that's in the report, and it's all studiously apolitical, just like the original report."

Go to Publishers Weekly to read the full article.

We've got the official report, we've got at least two movies based around 9/11 coming up, we've had a telemovie, we've now got the comic far away can 9/11 : The Musical possibly be?

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