Saturday, April 29, 2006


Brutus tries to eat a chainsaw, for breakfast.

A cyclone hit Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory last week and blew the top of a tree down across the fence of a saltwater crocodile enclosure at Corroboree Park.

So Fred Buckland was tasked with getting up there and taking down the rest of the tree with his chainsaw, in case the weight of the tree broke down the fence and let the crocodiles run free.

And crocodiles can run fast when they want to. They can even catch up with slow moving humans, even if you get a good head start on them. There's been a few German tourists in the Northern Territory who's last thoughts were, 'Look how big it izzz. It can't catch me...'

Being a smart man, Fred Buckland didn't want to actually get into the enclosure with the sixteen foot long saltwater crocodile, nicknamed Brutus, for obvious reasons. Fred climbed a ladder, leaned over the fence and began chainsawing the fallen trunk.

Brutus was watching him. And Brutus didn't like the sound of that chainsaw. Not at all.

So Brutus leapt twenty feet (that's TWENTY FEET) out of the water, ran halfway up the tree and before Fred could piss his pants and run for his life, Brutus had snapped the chainsaw out of his hands.

A man from the crocodile park puts it lightly when he talks about what happened next :

"Freddy got a bit of a scare and jumped straight off the ladder. He was certainly ready for his rum for the day and it was only 10am.

"Freddy was very lucky. It could have been him dragged back into the pond and eaten for breakfast."

Australians are known for their black humour, and this is about the scariest, and funniest, thing I've seen in months.

Have a look at the photo above again....does it look like Brutus smiling to you? Yep, he's one happy crocodile. He lost a few teeth apparently.

So did you know crocodiles weighing a few hundred pounds can launch themselves from the water some twenty feet and then RUN up a tree?

There's been a few tourists and locals in the Northern Territory who have discovered this knee-weakening, stomach-dropping, bladder-loosening ability of the saltwater crocodile.

Not many of them lived to spread the word, however.

Freddy Buckland got off easy. He just lost a chainsaw....and maybe a pair of work pants.

(source for story details and photo : The Daily Telegraph)

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