Sunday, June 03, 2007

British Family Forced To Flee Home Because Of Their Hair Colour

Perhaps this story will be exposed as something close to a hoax, or an exaggeration, but then again, life for anyone deemed "weird" or "different" on some of the more impoverished council housing estates in England can be a nightmare.

And Brits generally seem to enjoy mocking those with red hair, or for being "ginger", as the slang goes.

In the rapidly police state-like land that is England, will being a "gingerist" soon become punishable prejudice? Or hate crime?

From the Daily Mail :

A family are being forced out of their home by a gang of thugs because of their red hair.

Kevin and Barbara Chapman say they and their four young children have already moved twice to avoid the taunts but at each address have been subjected to attacks.

Their windows have been smashed, the walls daubed with graffiti and their children physically assaulted in the street by other youths.

In the latest incident the family returned to their third home in Newcastle upon Tyne to find the words "ginger is gay" painted on the outside of the property.

Even as the family, all of whom have red hair, discussed a move with social workers, their windows were smashed.

The Chapmans, who have a ten-year-old daughter Ryelle, and sons Daniel, ten, and Jordon, 13, first moved from Walker to Newbiggin Hall to escape the prejudice.

They were forced to move again a year ago to Kenton Bar. Within weeks they were once again subjected to abuse.

"There seem to be around ten or 12 families who have relations in the different areas we have been," said Mr Chapman. "Word seems to get around and it starts again."

Mrs Chapman, 44, said: "Wherever they go they get called "ginger nut, ginger bastard, ginger c***", it's disgusting."

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