Monday, June 04, 2007

Elephant Beats Zookeeper When Its Meals Are Served Late

Suzi The Elephant Also Doubles As Harmonica Player, Children's Ride And Saluter Of Visitors

Imagine trying to get away with this sort of behaviour in your favourite restaurant?

The only elephant in a Pakistani zoo knows when its meals are being served late, and it knows how to deal with such insubordination.

'Suzi' the elephant seizes a cane in its trunk and beats the zookeeper with it, no doubt providing much enjoyment for the crowds that gather to watch this apparently regular ritual in Lahore.

If you think that's cute, the zoo is looking for donors to sponsor the elephant's meals, as they are running out of money and can't afford to keep the aggrophant for much longer :

The zoo was hoping philanthropists and schools would "adopt" Suzi and pay for its food, the paper said today.

"We don't have enough funds to feed Suzi and its expenses are more than our budget," said zoo director Yousuf Pal.

Actually, on further research, forget the donations. It appears the zoo has a few problems with its rare animals dying from curable diseases, the most recent victim a chimpanzee, and gets 'Suzi' to regularly beg for money from crowds, which she collects in her trunk :
“This is a negative trend which is totally against zoo ethics,” sources said. They said that the 20-year-old Suzi was living alone, which was rather sad because elephants normally live in groups. There should be more elephants at the Lahore Zoo, they said.
Perhaps money should be raised to rescue poor old, lonely Suzi from the zoo before the 'beat the zookeeper' donations start pouring in.

This 'Elephant Beats Zookeeper' story, which will be the top of the 'most read' stories on internet news sites around the world today, hides a few important facts about Suzi. She is likely to be beating the zookeeper not only because her meals are late, but because those meals are becoming more infrequent as the zoo doesn't have the money to feed her any longer.

More research reveals that the zoo also uses Suzi as an amusement ride for kids.

And she also has to play the harmonica for the amusement of the crowds. How many gigs does this poor old elephant have?

And more still. People visiting the zoo are also charged money to get a 'salute' from Suzi.

Seems Suzi might be beating her zookeeper for a few other reasons than just the late meal service.

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