Friday, June 22, 2007

Even After Being Stabbed Twice, He Couldn't Stop Masturbating

If this story didn't involve the presence of children, it would be funny. But it does, so it's not.

It is, however, provide yet another example of how amphetamines can lead the user to episodes of compulsive masturbation. Even after being warned to stop, and then being stabbed twice, the masturbation marathon continued. Bizarre and disturbing :

Defence lawyers for Kylie Louise Wilson, 28, said the mother of two "lost it" when her friend of six years, Daniel Peter Blair, went on a masturbation marathon on April 6 last year.

Brisbane's District Court this morning heard Mr Blair had showed up at Wilson's unit at Birkdale unit, in Redland Shire, where he took amphetamines before having a shower.

Whilst in the bathroom, Mr Blair, 32, began pleasuring himself, before moving to Wilson's bedroom, where he rolled around naked on her bed and continued his lewd conduct.

He returned to the bathroom for more and was busted by Wilson, who was attempting to bath her three-and-a-half year-old daughter.

The court heard Mr Blair refused her repeated requests to stop, prompting her to fetch a knife from the kitchen which she used to stab him twice in the left shoulder.

Crown prosecutors said Mr Blair paused only to put on his shorts and flee outside to wait for police to arrive, but was again overcome by the urge.

"Despite his injury, it seems (Mr Blair) continued to masturbate while in the garage," the prosecutor said.

Ms Wilson was sentenced to nine months jail, but was immediately released on patrol.

No word on whether or not Mr Blair has sought help for his twin addictions : amphetamines and wanking.

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