Friday, June 29, 2007

Headache Mystery Solved Once Bullet Was Removed From Skull

A man in Florida woke up with a terrible headache. It was so bad he thought he was having an anuerysm. Drive me to the hospital, he told his wife, the pain is killing me.

When doctors took a look at the man's head, were stunned at what they found :

"The nurse looked at him and said, 'It appears that you've been shot,'" the Fort Pierce Tribune quoted St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara as saying. "And he said, 'No way.'"

The wife, April Moylan, fled the emergency room when the bullet was discovered but later told deputies she had accidentally shot her husband as he slept early on Tuesday. She was jailed on a weapons violation charge while deputies pursued additional charges.

The man survived.

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