Monday, June 18, 2007

Stone Age Mickey

An American named Walt Disney didn't invent the iconic big-eared, huge smile face known as Mickey Mouse. It was a French artist, who lived more than 1000 years ago.

Well, Walt Disney did come up with the original design of Mickey Mouse. The brooch shown above was unearthed decades after Mickey appeared on cinema, and TV, screens.

It's a remarkable coincidence, however.

From the Discovery Channel :
One thousand years before the cartoon character Mickey Mouse was even a glint in Walt Disney's eye, a French artist created a bronze brooch that looks remarkably like the famous rodent, according to archaeologists at Sweden's Lund Historical Museum, which houses the recent find.

The object, dated to 900 A..D., was excavated at a site called UppÄkra in southern Sweden.

Although made of bronze, the brooch ornament likely adorned the clothing of an Iron Age woman.

The bronze brooch may remind modern viewers of Mickey Mouse, but archaeologist Jerry Rosengren from Lund University told Discovery News that it actually represents a lion.

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