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According to The Times of London, at least one group of expectant mothers in the UK are making plans to avoid the chance of giving birth to their babies on June 6, 2006.

Something about giving birth to the AntiChrist....

"(the) due date holds an extra dimension of dread. The prospect of giving birth...on 6/6/06, has prompted talk of spawning devil children on Armageddon day.

"A British self-help group that usually exchanges routine tips on parenting has turned its attention to the dangers of a date marked by the satanic symbol....


he approach of the sixth day of the sixth month of a new century’s sixth year has prompted animated discussion among women participating in the website of Mother & Baby, a British parenting magazine.

"One pregnant woman, Francesca Renouf, said she had been so worried that she had booked a doctor’s appointment to ensure that she would avoid giving birth on the sixth."

Two mothers, at least, aren't fazed a bit. One has announced if her baby is born on this special date, she will name him Damien, in honour of the devil's child that spawned such violence and death in the 1970s horror classic 'The Omen'.

A remake of 'The Omen' is also due to be released in the US on June 6.

Thrash-death metal masters Slayer begins their Unholy Alliance : Preaching To The Perverted tour on that same date.

Whacked out, extreme right, fact-challenged, conservative-goon-squad writer Anne Coulter, who just may be the very devil herself, will release a new book called Godless to mark the unique date. She says it's about all those dangerous lefties in the US, and how they're dooming the country to...hold on, aren't the conservatives in charge of the US right now?

Perhaps the true reason Anne Coulter chose Godless is so she can have posters of herself up in bookstores across the US with the word 'Godless' emblazoned across her visage.

Truth in advertising.

Curiously, people in the US are taking the arrival of 6/6/6 a lot more seriously than people in other parts of the world. Don't know why that might be....

There are fears that June 6 will be "a day of satanic power", which could be punctuated, brutally, by a comet of other interstellar object slamming into the planet. Our planet.

And some of those ultra-optimistic evangelicals are pushing June 6 as the date that 'The Rapture' will begin. That's when the Christian Lord says to his devoted, "Come on home, guys" and they magically rise up into the sky, leaving the rest of us to enjoy 1000 years of debauchery and sin.

Curiously, one evangelical website is said to have a Rapture Index, which declares it's time and to "faster your seatbelts"....but wouldn't that make it harder for the Chosen to rise up into the sky?

There's new talk President Bush actually being the AntiChrist, but that is old news. You didn't think all this world mega-mayhem and Apocalyptic weather and all that violent bloodshed in the birthplace of civilisation was happening by accident, did you?

According to The Times, "The 666 phenomenon is based on a disputed passage from the Book of Revelation, which in several popular versions declares the 'number of the beast' to be 666 — although some biblical scholars claim there was a mistranslation and the number should really be 616."



Anyone got a kid born on January 6, this year? Have you checked its scalp yet for the tell-tale signs of Satanic demon spawnage?

Better to know for sure now, rather than later.

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