Thursday, May 04, 2006


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Apparently it's become a bit of a tradition now in Japan to throw small teddy bears at weddings instead of a bouqet.

This is why a Japanese company has come up with a 'gun' designed to shoot small teddy bears into the air, or directly at the bride and groom if you're a bit of a bastard.

Just to amp up the cute factor. The little bears come complete with a mini-parachute. That's so freaking cute I want to puke.

Go here for more on why this is important.

How long will it be before a new fad breaks out in Japan where teenagers are busted using these 'guns' to launch small animals like, say, kittens, puppies, frogs?

My guess, two weeks after they hit the stores.

And just in case you've completely lost your mind, but managed to hold onto your wealth, here's the world's most expensive (new) teddy bear :

A German firm has created the world's most expensive teddy bear.

The £43,000 bear has fur made of real gold, and eyes made with sapphires and diamonds.

Steiff, which claims to have made the world's first ever teddy bear, made the golden bear to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

The new bear has a mouth made of solid gold, fur made from gold thread and eyes with pupils of sapphire and irises made from 20 tiny diamonds. Only 125 editions of the collectable Jubilee Bear have been produced.

This teddy bear also lays claims to 'World's Most Uncomfortable To Cuddle On A Cold Winter's Night'.

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